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freesoulJAH was born in Nederland, Colorado -- a small, mountain town just outside of Boulder -- which was a refuge for beatniks, hippies and other outcasts. His father was a street musician and the family were acquaintances of the acclaimed countercultural poet, Allen Ginsberg. FreesoulJAH then moved to a desolate farming community called Estancia, New Mexico where electricity and running water were hard to come by (and where a young freesoulJAH learned not to take such things for granted). From there freesoulJAH's family went on to Albuquerque, NM where this shy, gifted, rebellious child with a passing interest in math and science (who was picked on because of the size of his forehead) began to come into his own.
FreesoulJAH lost his father at 15 but he inherited the man's work ethic -- hence a lengthy stint as a bus boy in order to support the family ...
After spending his adolescence in Las Vegas, freesoulJAH was the editor of his high school newspaper before graduating from a series of advanced classes with honors. While attending UNR (the University of Nevada in Reno) as a journalism major, he learned what a journalist was from reading Hunter S. Thompson, listening to Bob Dylan (who essentially sings headlines) and discovering "the power structure of the media." However, freesoulJAH started partying too much, cutting classes too often and soon returned to Sin City.
FreesoulJAH's early musical influences consisted of Chuck Berry, Fats Domino and "a little bit of Elvis." Picking up the alto and baritone saxophone in middle school, freesoulJAH made a tough decision when giving up the saxophone to play high school football, and he strayed away from playing music for a few years. He got his first bass guitar at 19 and played a lot of heavy metal with his brother. Also influenced by Rage Against the Machine, Sublime, the Deftones and the Offspring, freesoulJAH took operatic vocal lessons at UNLV (the University of Nevada in Las Vegas) but practiced by singing along with Jim Morrison and Bob Marley -- the latter of which proved to be his most influential spiritual teacher ...
freesoulJAH hates labels, builds websites, loves to conduct experiments, and he was a Teamster, so don't mess with him. If you ever get the chance, ask about his Paparazzi photo of Ben Affleck and J Lo ....

by Saab Lofton




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